Here is a gallery with a lots of different pictures from old to new ones.
Everything from engines engine parts to cars and bikes just ´for fun and
for being interesting somehow. I will put out more pictures soon as possible.
Hope you will enjoy it!

Motori Moderni Type 615 V6 1500cc turbo F1 engine from season 1986.

A engine i will start to restore and make work so i can put this little beast in the dyno.

Porsche 935 turbo.

A beast from behind the 77 factory version of the brutal 935.

VW Drag Racing cylinder heads.

These heads is for a 2332cc vw type 1 dragracing engine,

Ported 044 vw heads.

In house porting this time vw 1600cc 044 heads.

BMW V10 Cylinderheads.

Ported heads for the turbo Dragracing engine.

My friend Vidars BMW.

A BMW V10 engine with twin turbo 2000+hp for Dragracing.

3,0L 77 930 turbo body.

For a 935 project.

Audi 20V cylinder head.

We not only do Porsche & Volkswagen heads.

VW Type 1 1600cc engine.

The engine is soon ready for the track.

964 RSR

A 964 racing engine during build up.

993 RSR cylinderhead.

Ported modified 993 RSR cylinderheads.

Vance & Hines

A 2 valve prostock bike cylinder head for a 1500cc engine during flow testing,


Modification of a Kugelfischer pump to fit a 3,2L twin turbo 935 engine.

3,2L IMSA 935 engine.

Twin turbo IMSA engine during restorastion.

Subaru F1 Engine

The 1235 was it called 3,5L Flat 12 or 180 degre V12. Made by Carlo Cithi & Motori Moderni.

Ported heads for 930.

Ported heads for big volume and high rpm.

964 3,8L RSR engine.

Waiting for overhaulin.

Modified 996 turbo heads.

Heads developed for the 1110hp 996 turbo monster.

3,8L 993 RSR cylinderheads.

993 3,8L RSR Heads hand ported inhouse @ Spezialmotorer.

Porsche 935 IMSA eNGINE

A 3.2L engine twin turbos producing over 900hp at 7800rpm.

Baby 935 Gr5 engine.

Porsche 935 baby engine 1.425cc turbo engine 400hp +

Porsche GT1 EVO Transmission

Absolute the most beautiful transmission i have been working with extremelly sopisticated.

Spezialmotorers flatfan unit.

Just wating for being delivered to the customers.