Stock and vintage restorations, tuning of street and race engines (Specialized in modern and vintage Porsches)
We also tune the aircooled Volkswagen engines from type1 to type4.
Spezialmotorer was founded by Micke Svens in 1989.Prior to that Micke worked with VW tuning at Trimco with Classe Ebbenäs.Micke has over the years studied the engine dynamics, used tools like for instance the in-house dyno, flow-bench and other measurement equipment to verify and take the engine development to new levels. Micke has a unique understanding of the dynamics and can take this from theory to practice as well.


At Spezialmotorer so do we first make a mathematical design of the hole engine in a certain project that have been ordered to get all parameters right and also make things easier to now what when and how to machine porting building, and prepare each part to fit in the hole combination and therefore getting close to the desired horsepower figures.

Cylinder heads

The cylinder heads is very important to make as right as possible so the engine will work as good as possible. Therefore so do we put a lots of attention on them to reach the goal with the engine with or without turbo.

Block preparation

We do all type of block preparation such as lineboring and dowelpinning the block halves, We also porting the mainbearing beams so the get more aerodynamic and therfore stronger and not prevents cracks.

Exhaust systems

We handmade complete exhaustsystem after needs and calculate them for certain engine combinations and decired needs.
With 40 years of experience is some help
to get closer to a perfect tuned exhaust.

Chassi / brake upgrade

A crazy strong engine needs a good chassie otherwise so will the car be handful or even dangerous to drive so we can offer help to make your 911/930/964/993/996/997/991....... work perfect in combination of power upgrades.

ENGINE dyno services

All engines built inhouse at Spezialmotorer have been runnin and tuned in our inhouse dyno facillities where we tune all kind of carbs injection from mecanical to electronic versions.

cOLABORATION WITH vs motor to create the engine for the fastest bmw at that time.

Micke has played a big part in the design of the successful BMW V10 engine build and raced by the skilful Norwegian engine builder Vidar Strand at VS Motor. Vidar is a very good friend and development partner. Micke designed and sized the whole pump action of the engine from intake to exhaust. He has also ported the cylinder heads. The engine produces a impressive  1851HP/1817Nm@1.8 bar. The car has in managed to run 6.76s and 341,8km/h @ 1/4 mile

The only Porsche team winning a championship in 1999

During the 1999 season Micke managed the Swedish GTR  champion ship winning  Porsche 993 GT2 race car driven by "Dr" Lennart Pehrson. The car was developed during the season and the performance was outstanding. According to a well known German racecar driver that tested the car after it had been sold to Germany it was "The strongest and best performing GT2 he's ever driven". Later independent dyno results supported this statement.


Micke drove the Trimco Competition Beetle with great success and scored the very good time of 10.67 and  208,8km/h back in 1981. This was actually the Swedish record in G/CA