For sale

Now its for sale Spezialmotorers own test and development engine, This 996 turbo engine is a beast that are highly tuned to give maximum hp at fairly low boost, The engine pumps out 1110 hp @ 7500rpm with 1,6 bar of boost and that is still with standard 3,6L capacity and pumpgas 98 octane, The torque is reached @ 5800 rpm and the curve is massive between 4000 rpm and 8000 rpm so is the torque never under 1000 nm. So this engine is perfect for Time Attack such as regular Roadracing and of curse it works perfect on the road as well. If you are interested contact Micke Svens @  for more information.
To find out even more so did the well known Magazine race Engine Technology had a interesting article about this Engine in the May 2017 magazine with a quite Deep article.

Porsche GT1 racing pistons

1500 EUR

1 set Mahle 95.5mm Porsche GT1 racing pistons. NEW

Porsche GT1 racing heads

600 EUR each

3 Porsche GT1 Racing cylinder heads. USED